All sorts

Peanut Butter Jar, 2019
Over the course of several months, I collected and kept record of the homes or studios I visited by collecting a small amount of peanut butter from each. The different types layered on top of each other create a visual record. 
Tropes (Detail), 2018
Cartoon tropes are brought together in a gallery space and stripped of their environments and the characters they normally interact with. Visitors to the gallery are confronted with the absurdity of these archetypes and forced to consider how they first became aware of them.
A common cartoon trope is presented for viewers to recreate. A real pie sits on the sill of an obviously fake window. The scene was set up dozens of times around my college campus and the pies were stolen by strangers approximately 60% of the time. The displaced archetype challenged viewers to steal what they knew was meant to be stolen.
C & Me (Detail), 2018
A series of photographs and texts introduces my obsessive compulsions as “C,” a constant but unwanted companion. The narrative becomes one of internal abuse and an attempt to sever myself from her.
Paper Dolls, 2020
Paper Dolls is a set of three hand drawn dolls representing three stages of my life. Included are paper versions of my actual clothes and a written timeline of my relationship to my body, my nonbinary gender and my asexuality. Visitors to the gallery were invited to dress the dolls as they saw fit. This is the first project in which I explored the topic of queerness directly.
The Shrinky Dink Museum of Famous and Locally Famous Mudflaps, 2019
The Shrinky Dink Museum of Famous and Locally Famous Mudflaps is an ongoing project creating facsimiles of mudflaps that I see in Los Angeles traffic. The individual pieces are made of shrinkable plastic.
Art Talk, 2017
A collaboration with artist Christine Hudson, “Art Talk” is documentation of a series of weekly conversations about the artists’ own work, the work of others, and lots of tangential discussion. The piece was shown in the conference room of a gallery during a group show. Viewers of Art Talk were met with instructions on how to interact with the piece. The exhibition included laminated paper documents and cassette recordings of the weekly conversations. Tracking the course of a working friendship, the audio occasionally captures heated debates and prolonged silences.
Card Catalog, 2018
Card catalog is the display of a collection of playing cards, all of which I have found on the ground. The eventual goal is to create a complete deck of found cards. The ongoing collection is shown with place holders for the missing cards. Card Catalog was shown in a gallery with other collections that started as fun and became compulsive. 
snak eoil, 2019
snak eoil outlines my experience as a caretaker. The failing health of my grandfather is juxtaposed with the stunted growth of the children I nanny. Themes of dignity, ability, and gender roles are explored.