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Can I borrow a feeling is a collaborative project that I would love for you to be a part of. Go and make a portrait of yourself, a photo that shows how you feel about your body. Before you show it to me, reverse engineer it to create a set of instructions that I can follow to make a portrait of myself as you. If you’d like to collaborate (from anywhere in the world), email me at to get more detailed instructions and start a conversation about the bodies we live in.

Postcard scan documenting an interview with Ethan Seltzer

New Place/This Place: upon moving to Portland I wanted to get to know the place and sought advice on how to do so from a local and retired city planner (you can read my interview with him here) I am expanding the project to ask others a few questions I have about getting familiar with a place and finding a new home. If you consider Portland home, won't you consider answering these questions for me?
1. How would you tell someone to get to know this place if they were new here?
2. How would you get to know another place if you were new there?
3. What do you miss about this place when you leave it?
4. What movie/show/book/music gets Portland right? That makes you think about this place even if it was meant to be about somewhere else?